Frequently Asked Questions

A warehouse management system (WMS) is an advanced software that directs the flow of stocks from the day of receipt till the day of delivery.
Daily tasks related to receiving, putaway , picking , replenishment will be system directed, which enables companies to utilize resources by managing the information instead of solving operational problems.
WMS by default is not a standalone system. On the contrary it is directed by the ERP, executes the tasks and replies back.
Our ‘Link Manager’ tool , allows fast initial setup of the interfaces with existing IT systems, as well as easy maintenance of the interfaces in the future.
Implementation period ranges from 3-6 months , depending on the type of industry , and deliverables. Critical point for on time implementations is the commitment to the project from all involved parties.
Yes , as it is vital for WMS systems. Our local team is ready to support on site or remotely to ensure smooth flow of your operations.